Off-grid Solar Guide

Solar Off-grid systems are known as one of the sustainable ways to generate electricity. If you are located away from the local power grid or are willing to be independent, this might be suitable for you. Off-grid Solar systems can be customized to meet various energy needs. It can be used to power up remote camping sites, agricultural equipment, homes, and many more.

Let`s discuss how to set up a DIY off-grid solar system from the beginning. Happy learning…

Introduction to Off-grid Solar Systems

What does off-grid truly entail? How much solar infrastructure is needed? Are there pitfalls to be aware of? Here’s a first-hand glimpse into the life of off-the-grid, empowered by solar energy.

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Off-Grid Solar System Sizing & Component Selection

Sizing your DIY Off-grid Solar system can be critical. Every component needs to be compatible with each other to ensure you have power day and night.

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Off-grid Solar Systems Installation & Commissioning

Now, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with the actual Off-grid Solar installation.

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Off-grid Solar System Sizing Calculator

Online Off-grid Solar Design tool to properly size your DIY System.

Off-grid Solar Sizing Calculator
DIY Solar Blueprints

DIY Off-grid Solar System Blueprints

Checkout our pre-designed Blueprints to build your off-grid system

DIY Solar Blueprints

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