Chamika Ranaweera

Chamika Ranaweera Offgrid Wizard Author

Electrical Engineer | BSc. Eng(Hons) | AMIE(SL) | AEng (ECSL)

A Journey Through Academia

Stepping into the vast world of engineering, my path began at the University of Moratuwa. I specialized in Electrical Engineering with a BSc. (honours) degree. This rigorous academic endeavour not only honed my theoretical expertise but also instilled a deep passion for the ever-evolving field of Electrical Engineering.

The Professional Odyssey

Chamika Ranaweera Solar

Transitioning from academia to the real world, my initial foray led me to take the mantle of a self-managed contractor. There, I delved deep into rooftop solar off-grid projects.

After that, The drive to expand my horizons led me to collaborate with industry giants. I joined the Power Transmission & Distribution Division of “Larsen & Toubro” as an Electrical Engineer in Renewable Energy.

Passions Beyond the Desk

Renewable energy isn’t just a buzzword for me; it’s a call to action, an urge to create sustainable futures. My fascination doesn’t end there. Electrical installations beckon my attention, offering a playground of challenges and innovations.